International human rights law has an increasing day to day relevance for Traditional Owners and all of those that work with them. This module works through the key international instruments affecting First Nations Peoples, such as the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and key concepts such as Free, Prior and Informed Consent. It examines how these are implemented into operational expectations and given effect in state and Commonwealth legislation.

Professional Development Modules

Storey & Ward Professional Development Modules provide comprehensive analysis of the statutory, regulatory and cultural environment in which First Nations rights are activated in Australia and internationally.

They provide an opportunity for continuing professional development (CPD) for legal, cultural heritage and government operating in these areas.

Our core module, Native Title and Cultural Heritage – An Australian Perspective, provides a solid foundation to understand the history and theory of land justice in Australian legislation, and provides an opportunity to hear first-hand from Traditional Owners about their experiences.

Our continuation training modules, including First Nations’ Rights – An International Perspective, provide more detailed examination of cultural heritage legislation and the broader land rights environments in each state or territory, future acts, international rights and the impact of new technologies.

Each module provides a full day, in-person session with accessible course materials and an opportunity to hear from Traditional Owners about lived experience.


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