• Member of the Law Institute Victoria
  • Legal Practitioner of the Supreme Court of Victoria

Romany is an advocate, lawyer, researcher and strategist with over twenty years’ experience. She has diverse commercial legal practice experience across several key sectors including business, government, human rights and philanthropy.

Romany has a background working in legal policy, management and operations in the native title & land rights, academia and health sectors. After many years of leading policy, legal and advocacy projects, Romany moved to the commercial sector to develop her technical legal skills and capacity in large organisations, including Telstra Corporation Limited, Australian Government Solicitor (AGS), and Justice Connect.  

In Romany’s role at the Northern Land Council (NLC), she worked with Traditional Owners across the Northern Territory, which included collaborating with traditional owners nationally, responding to the Commonwealth’s National Emergency Response to protect Aboriginal Children in the Northern Territory (Intervention), lobbying at Parliament House in Canberra, and participating in key High Court wins such as the Blue Mud Bay case. She also had key responsibilities for meeting compliance obligations for the organisation. Romany worked closely with the elected Executive leadership of the NLC.  

As policy manager at Native Title Services Victoria (now First Nations Legal and Research Services), Romany was central in leading the organisation’s response to brokering negotiated policy solutions between Victorian government agencies and traditional owner representatives to ensure appropriate development of a (then new) native title settlement framework. This was critical to the successful passage of new legislation, the Traditional Owner Settlement Act, which awarded new forms of land tenure to traditional owners. Romany was also the secretariat for the Victorian Traditional Owner Land Justice Group, and worked closely with the co-chairs as they negotiated key legal policy reform.  

At AGS, Romany has been the key legal adviser responsible for the delivery and roll out of security infrastructure for international events, negotiated many successful agreements between business entities, and with state & Commonwealth government agencies. She has also been a trusted member of a small team that had responsibility to oversee specialist advice by lawyers and senior lawyers on matters which are of the highest level of legal risk to large corporations.   

Romany led the flagship disaster response project at Justice Connect over several years, provided advice to self-represented litigants across a range of commercial and public interest matters in Victorian and NSW Courts and tribunals, including domestic building, commercial disputes, bankruptcy, discrimination, insurance, and administrative law. Romany’s human rights law experience extends to both criminal law and homelessness.  

Romany’s trauma informed practice is essential to her nuanced understanding of law in a cultural environment and is based in personal experience as member of a holocaust survivor family.

Offshore Wind Declared Areas

Offshore Wind Declared Areas

Policy Development Consultancy
Native Title and Land Rights

A brief exploration of the issues for Traditional Owners in offshore wind Declared Areas.

Munkara v Santos  NA Barossa Pty Ltd  (No 3) [2024] FCA 9 Case Summary

Munkara v Santos NA Barossa Pty Ltd (No 3) [2024] FCA 9 Case Summary

Natural Resource Management Law
First Nations Cultural Heritage Law
Native Title and Land Rights

A Case Summary of Munkara v Santos NA Barossa Pty Ltd (No 3) [2024] FCA 9 (Munkara v Santos No 3).